"Exquisite folk pop"..."To my ears, he’s the best singer-songwriter working in Nebraska today." 
-Lincoln Journal Star, L. Kent Wolgamott 

"who wouldn’t follow that voice into any song..” 
-Susan Werner, Singer-Songwriter 

Will Hutchinson is an award winning Nebraska based singer/songwriter who comes from a family of storytellers.  He cut his teeth performing on the streets in Santa Monica and has been thrilling audiences with his quirky banter and captivating lyrics from small venues to performing arts centers ever since.  He has one of the most uplifting beautiful voices you've ever heard that is simultaneously heart wrenching and has been known to both make his audience laugh and cry in the same set. 

Traveling extensively while growing up, Will picked up many interesting hobbies along the way that left him with a keen sense of curiosity that shines through in his music.   His songs talk about love, the human condition, and the mysterious questions of life.  He has four full-length albums he has written and produced and is working on a new record that will be a concept album on his accident and near death experience in 2018. 

While off stage, Will continues to feed deep passion for creating and producing original music as well as keeping in touch with his fans via his email list and musician lifestyle blog; where he shares stories and learning resources that have helped him along the way with fans and fellow musicians.

Will Hutchinson



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