About Me

Will Hutchinson is a Nebraska based writer, musician, and producer who plays acoustic guitar and sings original and popular cover songs for public and private events. He cut his teeth performing on the streets in Santa Monica, California and has been thrilling audiences with his quirky banter and captivating lyrics from small venues to performing arts centers ever since.  He has one of the most “uplifting beautiful voices you've ever heard” that is simultaneously heart wrenching. 

Hutchinson’s mission as a performing artist and composer is “to create honest music and share it with the world.”  A few of Hutchinson’s accolades since returning to Lincoln in 2013 include becoming a finalist in the International John Lennon Songwriting Competition, performing at the Lied Center for the Performing Arts 25th Anniversary, leading a band at local festivals Lincoln Calling, Lincoln Exposed, and Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival, as well as writing over 100 original songs and releasing 2 full-length original albums.  He is also on the official artist roster for the Nebraska Arts Council and has been sponsored by community radio station KZUM 89.3 to be an artist ambassador at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, Missouri and Nebraska Exposed at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Artist Statement

Music is the language of my soul and is my greatest gift and opportunity to connect with others in a meaningful and honest way.  As I improve as a writer, musician, and producer it becomes easier to communicate more deeply and clearly.  

Through musicology I experience the hearts and minds of diverse cultures, bygone eras, and social movements that have changed our world. By writing, performing, and recording music I participate and contribute to the beautiful collective history, practice, and soul of music.  The more I am able to study and create the more I am able to give to others; I want to give and grow.